Core Specification

Consensus Algorithm: Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
Block size: 2 MB
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Transactions per second: 173 TPS (theoretical maximum higher)
Mine-able: No
Stake-able: Yes (Earn block reward from coin ownership)
Masternode Support: Yes, 25,000 N8V per masternode

Maximum Coin Supply


Transaction Send Eligibility

Minimum Confirm: 31 confirms

Masternode Network Expiry

Node expiration: 120 minutes Node removal: 130 minutes

Coin Emission Rate

Block reward: Max 5 N8V per block - Split between masternodes (4 N8V) and stakers (1 N8V). (Subject to change)
Halving schedule: 25% reduction in block rewards every year.
Quarterly audits will be performed (after the first year) and changes will be made as needed to prevent over-inflation.

PoS Stake Eligibility

Maturity Confirms: 101 confirms Wallet Status: Requires core wallet to remain online and unlocked for staking

SwiftX Eligibility

Confirmations: 1 for locking and 6 to spend Collateral held time: 15 minutes


Up to .01 N8V (Depends on size of transaction)