Project Information

Why Form NativeCoin?

As our team worked together with Tribal advisors, the goal was to provide Tribes with an effective all-in-one sovereign currency which can be used by Tribal businesses, enterprises, gaming, sports betting, and Tribal ecosystems worldwide to support daily financial transactions. NativeCoin gives not only Tribes but any person or business the ability to buy, send, purchase, and exchange funds with the discretion and security of blockchain. It will also bring the freedom and independence of a sovereign cryptocurrency to uses who would never independently consider entering the Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency market.

What is NativeCoin’s Mission and Vision?

The NativeCoin Mission is to provide a sovereign, digital, decentralized, and practical currency to be used by Tribal enterprises and other businesses in the United States and Worldwide.
Our Vision for NativeCoin is to be widely accepted and used throughout all Tribal businesses, other enterprises, resorts, hotels, and casinos worldwide to enhance gaming, accommodation, and business experiences. We intend for NativeCoin to be used by people and businesses around the world as they trade amongst themselves and with Tribes alike.

What is NativeCoin?

NativeCoin is a diverse cryptocurrency designed specifically for use in Tribal casinos and other Tribal enterprises (for example hotels, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, and shopping/food establishments inside casinos just to name a few). As more and more Tribes work to develop shopping centers, amusement/recreation centers, and entertainment venues, the need for a sovereign, secure, and liquid currency rises. NativeCoin is tailored to the emerging uses Tribes are creating in every sector of gaming and their other integrated Tribal enterprises. With NativeCoin, Tribes will not only be able to use, own, and invest in their own money supply but will also have the ability to host online gaming portals. Gaming on this scale translates to tens of millions of gaming enthusiasts who will be able to reach Tribal casinos which were previously unavailable to them.

How Many Native Owned Casinos and Businesses Exist?

In the United States alone there are 573 recognized Tribes and at this time 240 of those Tribes run gaming operations. Many of the 573 Tribes own and operate resorts, hotel accommodations, and other Tribal enterprises also. Some of the United States based Tribes that operate casinos are vying internationally for casino gaming and online sports betting to go along with their United States based operations. By utilizing a unified and decentralized currency, NativeCoin, Tribes will be able to accept, conduct business, and invest in their own sovereign currency. NativeCoin affords the Tribes the opportunity to use and support their currency which makes financial freedom a long-awaited reality. In addition to utilizing NativeCoin in brick-and-mortar businesses, Tribal businesses will be able to capture a much larger portion of the market share of the ever-growing online gaming industry.

How is NativeCoin Different and Better Than Bitcoin?

This question has multiple different answers. NativeCoin differs from Bitcoin in that it is a Proof-of-Stake coin and its algorithm is designed to facilitate transactions rather than as a mechanism to support semi-speculative trading. Tribes need many features in a cryptocurrency including high liquidity, fast transactions and inexpensive trades to facilitate their high-volume cash flow business. Also due to its Proof of-Stake algorithm, NativeCoin is very ecofriendly and energy efficient (which is the opposite of Bitcoin). Another integral feature of NativeCoin is its philanthropic initiative. NativeCoin will donate a portion of its staking rewards to support a Tribal non-profit entity dedicated to preserving Tribal culture, language and traditions, promoting education, health and environmental issues, and supporting other vital Tribal community projects.

Where Can I Purchase NativeCoin?

NativeCoin can be purchased and traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges with many more coming in the near future. You can click the link below or go to our Exchanges tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to see the most current list of exchanges that trade NativeCoin.

Why is NativeCoin Proof-of-Stake and What is the Benefit?

NativeCoin works on Proof-of-Stake protocol which means anyone who holds NativeCoin in their NativeCoin wallet helps to secure the network and as such, each holder of NativeCoin that is holding it in their NativeCoin wallet receives a share of the reward for securing the newest block on our blockchain. The amount of NativeCoin rewards is based on the amount of NativeCoin being staked in the user’s Native Coin wallet and the length of time it has been staking in the wallet. Each NativeCoin owner’s rewards are based on their own efforts in setting up and maintaining their staking in their wallets. You can click the link below or go to our Wallets/Block Explorer tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to download the most current NativeCoin wallet.