Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Rewards

Decentralized blockchain communities have a rewards system in place for users who help secure their network. With NativeCoin, anyone who owns N8V can help secure the network and is able to receive rewards for their efforts. NativeCoin operates using a Proof of Stake algorithm which means that in order to help secure the network, you must prove you hold N8V (as opposed to other coins such as Bitcoin that require expensive and heavy electricity using computers to “mine” them). 

There are two different methods that N8V owners can assist the NativeCoin network and receive rewards for their help

Run a Masternode

Running a Masternode requires 25,000 N8V and gives you a larger portion of the block rewards.
See the Masternode Setup Guide here for more information –

Stake Your N8V

You can also earn rewards by staking your N8V. There is not a minimum N8V requirement needed (as with Masternodes) but staking requires you to keep your wallet active and on the NativeCoin network.

How Much N8V is Created as Rewards, and How is it Distributed?

Every 60 seconds (N8V block time is 1 minute) 5 N8V are created/minted. Those 5 N8V are divided amongst the masternodes running on the NativeCoin network (4 N8V) and the users staking their N8V (1 N8V). See Coin Specs page for more information including halving schedule.