Our Mission

The NativeCoin Mission is to provide a sovereign, secure, digital, and practical currency to be used by Tribal enterprises and other businesses in the United States and around the world.

The NativeCoin team designed a coin with the intent to be used, and offered in Tribal casino-resort establishments, online gaming platforms, Tribal sports betting, integrated Tribal enterprises, and other businesses as a fluid sovereign currency.

– Jeff , COO NativeCoin

Our Vision

Our vision is for NativeCoin to be widely accepted and used throughout all Tribal businesses, other Tribal enterprises, resorts, hotels, and casinos worldwide to enhance gaming, accommodation, and business experiences. We aim for NativeCoin to be used by people and businesses around the world as a means of trade amongst themselves and with Tribes alike.

“My vision for native coin is for tribes to be able to use it as a vehicle to streamline integration with not only each Tirbe’s and bussiness but also with other Tribes in North America. I think the whole idea behind NativeCoin is to be able to effect the worldwide community.


In conjunction with Tribes, the NativeCoin team aims to make true economic freedom and financial independence a reality for Tribal people, their businesses, and Tribal ecosystems around the world. We also envision non-Tribal users and businesses using NativeCoin to do business with Tribes and each other.

– Michael, NativeCoin CMO