NativeCoin & COINTIGER Unicorn Booster

COINTIGER Official Announcement

Fellow CoinTiger users,

To explore and support more superior blockchain projects, boosting a sustainable blockchain industry, CoinTiger Exchange, together with Ticker Capital, jointly launch Unicorn Booster Scheme, using a dedicated fund to increased holdings of quality assets on CoinTiger.

Latest update on 29 Nov: current holdings of respective tokens are 35 million TCH, 35 million ULT, 3 million GOM, 5 million UDOONEW, 2.3 million MOGX, and 26 million NZO, with an approximate holding ratio of 39% of total scale.

Holdings Table of Unicorn Booster Phase Six:

The sixth phase has decreased by 1 million GOM, 0.3 million MOGX, and 11 million NZO holdings. Meanwhile, new projects that entered the “Unicorn Booster” scheme are WaykiChain(WICC) and NativeCoin(N8V), currently completed 3 million WICC and 3 million N8V holdings. Total holding ratio up to 39% with the details as follows:


From now onwards,CoinTiger will announce the proportion of holdings on a monthly basis, more high-quality projects will continue to constitute.

CoinTiger team


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part of “Global Liquidity Alliance” Program
with the Korean Exchange, Bitsonic.

COINTIGER Official Announcement

Fellow CoinTiger users,

CoinTiger launches the “Global Liquidity Alliance” program dedicated to supporting outstanding projects by improving projects’ liquidity and provide better order book depth.

The Global Liquidity Alliance program: CoinTiger screens for domestic exchanges with the highest liquidity and picks them to be strategic partners globally. The projects recommended by CoinTiger can list on the cooperating exchange and improves the liquidity and depth while merging.

The First Strategic Partner — Bitsonic

Bitsonic is a top Korean crypto exchange run by Skoopmedia established in August 2018. Bitsonic is the first exchange that compensated 90% of its fee revenue to Bitsonic Coin(BSC) holders. Besides, it also introduced the Initial Exchange Offering in Korean Crypto Market before other exchanges did, and comes up with 114 rounds of IEOs in Nov 2019 as a result. Currently, Bitsonic excelled 300K+ registered users with 25K+ DAU, 9 trading markets including 180 trading pairs with a daily turnover of 30 Million USD and plans to establish subsidiaries in Vietnam in the first quarter of 2020.


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